Top 5 YouTube channels for Class 10th Students

Are you a grade 10 student? If you’re, then this article is for you! There are lots of websites available for online classes for school students, but today we’re talking about the most popular video-based website, YouTube. You probably know that there are lots of useful study related videos available on YouTube. But it is hard to find a decent YouTube channel related to the topic and class you are looking for.

We’re here with the list of the top 5 YouTube channels that could help you in your studies. They are popular and dedicated YouTube channels that only focus on learning. These YouTube channels frequently upload tutorial videos related to the class 10th subjects and topics. If you’re a class 10th student, then you should check out these useful learning YouTube channels.

1. Vedantu Class 9 & 10 YouTube Channel

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Vedantu class 9 & 10 YouTube channel is an online tutoring channel for Class 9 and Class 10 students. This channel is not just uploaded CBSE courses, but ICSE board courses video too. Moreover, there are videos and tutorials available for NTSE, PRMO, NSO, and other competitive examinations at school levels. Other than the tutorial and learning videos, they frequently upload Q&As for students who have doubts. It is excellent that teachers at Vedantu help the students to solve their queries and give them mentorship.

The channel uploads daily free live classes, concept videos, free tests, and PDF downloads (for mock tests & more). Teachers and couches at Vedantu frequently do carer counseling sessions and guide students to choose a better path for themselves. If you are looking for an excellent online tutorial platform that could guide you to prepare for class 9th and 10th and even other competitive school level examinations, this might be the best channel for you.

2. YouTube Channel

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Dromstudy not only uploads tutorial videos just for class 10, but they upload tutorial videos for every class. If you have queries at more than one subject, don’t worry, they cover all subjects. With experienced and specialist teachers, they focus on building one of the best learning experiences for the students. If your friends or siblings are in a different class, you can recommend this channel to them as this channel also uploads tutorials for all classes.

IITians, scientists, and IIT-JEE faculties help in building Dronstudy. They also claim that the style of teaching once existed in India has eroded and now wholly vanished and has been replaced by the western style of teaching. We have clubbed information technology and our ancient teaching style to rejuvenate the ancient Indian technique of teaching. They have also provided the contact info so that any student can contact them anytime for any queries.

3. Mathematics Class X YouTube Channel

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As the name suggests, the channel focuses on class 10 mathematics. There are various lecture videos available for CBSE class 10 and RD Sharma Class 10th. There are distinct tip and trick videos available on the channel. You can find sample papers videos that help you to know more about how you can solve paper in a better way.

If you want to study math deeply, then this channel is best for you as they focus on in-depth math studies. There are many related channels also available to this channel for other subjects and classes.

4. Dear Sir YouTube Channel

dear sir youtube, youtube learning, online class, class 10 classes, online school

The channel focuses on mathematical topics for class 10. You can also find tutorial videos for class 9 too. Dear Sir channel mostly uploads various exercises and topic videos for grade 10 math. They usually do the Q&As for the students. You can also find tips and tricks to solve math problems here. They have long and deep videos on various single mathematic topics so that anyone can understand the topic easily.

They also upload many other useful videos for students, such as Skill development videos, interview videos, and many more videos for candidates who are preparing for competitive examinations.

5. GREEN Board YouTube Channel

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The GREEN Board has tutorial videos for class 10 science, mathematics, and Hindi subjects. You can learn from there interesting and practical videos very easily. Their practical videos make science and math more interesting and easy. If you are looking for an interesting tutorial or lecture video for class 10, then you should give this online learning YouTube channel a try.

The channel usually focuses on mathematics, but there are various other interesting subject videos available too. Other then the tutorial videos, the channel uploads question paper solving videos to teach students how they can solve a question paper easily and correctly.


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Online tutoring allows students to learn from their house, which saves their time and energy that can be invested in learning. These YouTube learning channels promote a friendly, dedicated, and interactive learning environment.

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