Physical Geography by Savindra Singh PDF – Latest Edition

Physical Geography book by Savindra Singh is one of the most recommended books in geography subject. It helps in learning a wide range of concepts which ultimately helps in getting a good score in competitive exams.

To know more about the book details and to have an overview of that, read the article till the end. Savindra Singh physical geography pdf can be downloaded from the links given in the post. It is based on the mind mapping technique which helps the students to learn & memorize the maps quickly.

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh PDF - Latest Edition

Physical Geography by Savindra Singh

The book of physical geography is published by Pravalika Publications which is behind many favorite books of population geography, Human geography, disaster management, environmental geography, and many more. Coming back on physical geography by Savindra Singh book, It covers various topics around the earth, ocean, rock, mountains, lake, etc. Check out the complete inside contents of the book.

  • Structure of the Earth’s Interior
  • Continents and Ocean
  • Nature of Physical Geography
  • Mountain
  • Building Plateau
  • Plains
  • Lakes
  • Lithosphere (Geomorphology)
  • Origin of the Earth
  • Age of the Earth
  • Basins
  • Theory of Isostasy
  • Earth’s Movements
  • Rocks
  • Vulcanicity and Volcanoes
  • Earthquakes
  • Weathering and Mass Movements
  • Cycle of Erosion
  • Rejuvenation and Polycyclic Relief
  • Drainage System and Patterns
  • Running Water (River) and Fluvial Landforms
  • Groundwater and Karst
  • Topography
  • Sea Waves and Coastal Landforms
  • Wind and Aeolian Landforms
  • Glaciers and Glaciated Topography
  • Periglacial Processes and Landforms
  • Reliefs of Ocean
  • Basins
  • The temperature of the Ocean
  • Water Salinity
  • Ocean Deposits
  • Ocean Tides
  • Marine Resources
  • Ocean Currents, Coral Reefs, and Atolls
  • Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
  • Insolation and Heat Budget Temperature
  • Air Masses Frontogenesis, Cyclones and Anticyclones
  • Classification of Climates and Climate Types
  • Biosphere
  • Ecosystem and Ecology
  • Biosphere: An Ecosystem
  • Plant Community
  • Animal Community
  • Biomes
  • Air Pressure and Atmospheric Circulation
  • Humidity and Precipitation

Download Savindra Singh Physical Geography PDF

One can use the following links to download or buy the Savindra Singh Geography book directly. Through charts and graphs, the book will explain the type of rainfalls, climatic types, seasons, winds, and many more such things which are necessary to learn for any student who wants to compete in the job exams.

Book Name   Physical Geography
Author   Savindra Singh
Language  English
Pages  55
Download Link   Click here
Buy Now   Amazon

This physical geography pdf helped many aspirants to score better in geography subject cause they understood the broad concepts of the things, instead of remembering a few words. Let us know your opinion on this particular book in the comments section.

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